Friday, 15 June 2012

Madd Eyed Screamer

Two posts in two days, WTF is all that about?

Was very careful with the nubbins today and, despite a rigorous sanding and polishing session, completely managed to avoid ruining last night's Konad-job, which was unexpected. So pleased with this, I was, that the eyes were done to match the nails :3 

Exclusively using Madd Style's glittery gorgeousness today.
  • Glitter and Doom (mid-purple with rainbow sparklies) - inner lid up to brow bone
  • Taransula (black with green and pink glitter) - outer lid and crease.
  • Xray Spex (whitey purpley pink shimmery ooh) - highlighter and under lash line.
Didn't go with anything on the water-line because it puts about 10 years on me as well which isn't a good thing. But it looks better in the photos -- do I go for better looking photos or squinty eyes like Chris Skudder (sports reporter on Sky News. Awful squinter.)?

Did put some Xray Spex on the lashline as it makes my eyes look a bit more awake (hahahaha), and maybe even distracts a wee bit from the dark shadows under the eyes. I hope.

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