Sunday, 23 October 2011

NOTD: Fresian Cows With Spots

Now that this blog has a few more followers (hello), I'm going to again try and find out the name of this BYS mystery polish. Also taking this opportunity to mess around with me new daylight lightbulb.

Bit off-colour here.

Not sure why the colour has a bit of a magenta tinge to it there -- it certainly didn't in this photo taken earlier this year. Ho hum. Anyway, I like this polish, it applies well despite the horrible awkwardness of the lid, coverage is pretty sound after three coats. Can't moan about this polish really, tis a shame I don't know the name and can't purchase any more (they stock none in the shops round these parts).

Glitter is smelly, yet effective.

I got these cute skull cherry nail decals and wanted to give them a go. The BYS Mystery White Polish got a coat of some eBay red glitter (the stuff that comes in those funny faux Nfu.Oh bottles) and I hoped it would last.

A Fresian Cow with Spots

It didn't. Here is my standard 'lets make this ruined polish-job last a bit longer cos it's only going to get spoilt again when it gets redone' repair job. Yeah, crackle. Covers up a multitude of sins though. Should probably add that there was further ruination and there should have been a picture of the tips covered with some black polish but I've killed another memory card.


Jennius - Gold Speck Nails said...

I really love it witht the glitter and the cherry ^_^ Where did you get your daylight lightbulb from? I think I may need to invest soon as most of my free time's after dark!

Missus Boot said...

Daylight bulb came from eBay --> and it came really quickly. It's awesome doing pictures at 3am with me new light :)

Jennius - Gold Speck Nails said...

Ooo If I get my pensions money back from the damn NHS I know what I'm buying first :D

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