Wednesday, 19 October 2011

A P5 Rover called Sidney

We once had an old P5 Rover called Sidney (here's a picture from the Torygraph. It's not our one, it belongs to the Queen). Lovely car, it was, sounded good, nice and comfortable, shame it cost about £100 in fuel to travel about 25 miles. Sold it in the end for a pittance.

This is what colour it was:

Lasting Fix, my arse

It was covered in Boots 17 Lasting Fix Exquisite, which is a spot-on British Racing Green with a bit of subtle shimmer. The paint-job on the classic car lasted a lot better than this polish, mind, the tip-wear you see above was caused by the strenuous toils of sleeping and opening up a few spreadsheets the next morning. There may have even been some punishing coffee-drinking involved as well.

I was not impressed with the wear on the so-called Lasting Fix, and smothered it with Boots 17 Black and Gold Crackle.

Oh. This didn't come out how I'd originally hoped

Bit underwhelmed by this crackle, TBH, it looked so promising on the bottle but now it looks like some git has poured glittery tar over the paint-job of Sidney the P5 Rover.


Laura said...

That's quite a nice color but you're right, that tip wear is not good. It's funny how the polishes that make some sort of claim on their packaging about longevity are usually the chippiest. That crackle is a bit odd looking, lol.

Stompy Boot said...

Yes, it's strange how ironic polish companies get with the packaging :/

The crackle is very strange but that might be the colour that lies beneath. Very tough as well, I have not managed to put a dent in it today and I really tried to as well.

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