Monday, 17 October 2011

EOTD: Gateway Drug

A quote from me other blog from 15th January 2011. This was when I gave up the cigs and started on the polish.

"Anyway, one of the things that I've been doing to keep my hands occupied is doing my nails, because I like colouring things in, the smell of nail varnish, as well as dodgy finger bling. I appear to be going a bit girlie with my midlife crisis, dunno WTF is going on. I'll be going bonkers over eyeshadows next"

And it has happened -- nail polish has turned out to be a bit of a gateway drug and I've gone a bit bonkers about eyeshadow. I'm also going to work on getting rid of my irrational fear of colour around the eyes, cos I mainly wear black or brown or BOTH, so until then have some Madd Style Cosmetics Glitter Bitches.

Bright pink glitter on black, swoon, shame it doesn't show up all that well

Glitter Bitches (left) is black with wonderous amounts of pink glitter and I like it very much -- very smooth to apply, doesn't make my eyes fat or itchy and it looks bloody gorgeous. I applied it wet over some primer and it looks spanking enough. Also used a bit of the light pink in this Beauty UK palette as well, and it didn't look ridiculous, so we went out for a coffee. Very nice it was, too.

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