Thursday, 27 October 2011

EOTD: ELF Challenge: Playing With Purple

Oh sod it, lets do me eyes to match my nails (and shirt) then take photos of it and include it as part of the ELF 100 Colour Palette Challenge. Yeah, content, baby.

Shall be using colours B6 (goldy-brown), F0 (lilac) and F3 (mid-purple) for this (click on pic on left for bigger colour reference dooberry).

Bit messy but I do like this

Started off with some of the lovely Two-Face Shadow Insurance primer and a base of NYX Jumbo Stick in Milk. B6 (goldy-brown) was applied in the inner eyelid, then F0 (lilac) got patted onto the centre of the eyelid.  F3 (mid-purple) went onto the outer lid and crease, and was blended in with the B6 (goldy-brown) with some more F0 (lilac). Could have done a better job of the blending really, looks a bit messy but it was early. I'm not an early person.

This is a colour-combo that normally wouldn't have been worn but will be again.

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