Thursday, 13 October 2011

The Nubbiniser

Had to take some drastic action on the nails after an unfortunate incident. It's great being able to type again, but they're so short, I'm a bit sadface, really.

Maybe some holographic polish would turn that frown upside down.

Color Club Revvvolution Swatch Look, it's colourful and shiny, you miserable beast.

Nah, not really. Well, how about a Konad job with some Spectraflaired polish and plate BM201.

Color Club Revvvolution and Bundlemonster BM201 Too much holo. Can't see anything.

Hmmmm, well, no, still :( Sulky cow.


Laura said...

D'aww. I'm sorry you had to hack your nails off but I've missed you. It is still holo-tastic, though!

Amber said...

I'm sorry you had to cut your nails :\ but uh... that polish is freaking amazing!

Anonymous said...

This polish is amazing! What is it? SOrry about your nails.

kellie said...

I think your nails look GREAT at this length!! They look so much more natural and cute. Of course, I'm partial because I keep my nails short too. I've never liked really long nails or tips.


Stompy Boot said...

Ohmygawd, I didn't put the polish in -- it's Revvvolution by Color Club. Tis amazing in the sun.

It's more the circumstances behind the nubbinising that makes me a bit :( (got assaulted, basically, then noticed that some nails were missing). They'll grow back and I'm enjoying them not getting in the way of my haphazard Dremeling, and I've gotten into eyeshadow pigments so there will be (badly-applied) EOTDs soon.

It's all good :)

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