Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Right, Bored Already

I appear to have a couple of days off, and this means I can dig out the Claire's Accessories Mystery Polish and Konad, hurray. Also, history in the making -- I've also managed to be quite organised and have scheduled some posts. Gasp! Shock! Horror!

This is pleasant.

This polish does not come with a name or a number, and is therefore going to be called Claire's Metallic Purple, because I'm quite sure that's what it said on the receipt (but this was back in June so I could be wrong. Regardless of wrongness, it will be called Claire's Metallic Purple). Two coats of this polish did the trick and I decided Konad it almost immediately.

New light shows off the Go-Faster stripe wrinkles on my finger

I was a bit, errrr, out of practise, and the pattern kept sticking to the stamper because I over-filed it and was too lazy to go over it again with a buffer to smooth it out (plus I'm not sure where it is).

Decided to go with the tip patterns on Bundlemonster plate BM 216; here I did the tips (in black, natch) on the majority of the fingers, then applied the design sideways on the accent finger. Looked good but was missing something. I resisted the temptation to chuck yet another skull on there and went for a devestatingly original flower from GCOCL plate A01. Did this in Stargazer Chrome Gold 237 and was actually a bit disappointed in the result. The Stargazer Chromes really pop out when used as a stamping polish, but not this one, it was a bit poxy. Finished it off with some NYX Girls 151 (doesn't appear to have a name, it's a purple glitter) and then I went off to find new and interesting ways to trash this mani.

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