Friday, 28 October 2011

EOTD: ELF Challenge: Pink Fr-eye-day

We are having a Pink Friday today which called for some pink eyes.  Couldn't do nails as it wouldn't have worked with the title of this post, and I'm still enjoying rocking the Claire's Accessories Mystery Metallic Purple.

Never a great fan of pinky-pink eyes as they make me look really, really ill, which kinda defeats the point of wearing make-up in the first place. I want to get away from teh ills, not look at the bastards. And, why, yes this is another ELF 100 Colour Palette Challenge Post. Not quite gathered enough groovy pink samples to do anything interesting with.

Half-asleep in this picture. TBH, I was half-asleep when I put it all on, and I'm still half-asleep now.

Started off with the usual Two-Faced Shadow Insurance (which I use, like, all the time so I'm not sure why it's being mentioned in every post) and a base of NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk over the lid, crease and lower lash-line.

Eyeshadow H0 (pale peachy pink) was applied all over and around the duct (didn't show up much, though), E1 (pink) went onto the centre of lid, crease and lower lash-line and F2 (purpley-pink) went onto the outer lid, crease and lower lash-line. As mentioned earlier, this pinky-pink look makes me look really ill, so I went over the crease with some F1 (purple) and it looked a bit better. I expect to ruin/improve this look a bit later on by having a snooze and smearing it all over the place. 

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