Thursday, 20 October 2011

EOTD: A Green, Glittery 100th Post

Soooo ... I got some samples from Fyrinnae \o/ Went for some goldy green in the form of the sublime Dokkalfar to go with yesterday's nails.

I have my father's eyes and every time I see a pic of my eye I feel like I'm about to be admonished for something. My father wouldn't look good in glitter, incidentally, now I'm thinking about him, all glittered up and wearing an Italian suit and it's all :D

Camera doesn't quite pick up the MEGA SPARKLE

Teamed this one up with some khaki from this Beauty UK palette. I haven't really worn green on my eyes before -- it took me long enough to start liking it on my nails -- but it's on, and it's likeable. Very likeable, in fact. Yeah, getting a bigger jar of Dokkalfar for sure. Wish the sparkle would show up more in the photos, it's brilliant in real-life to the extent that I felt the need to flutter the eyelids at the husband every three seconds. Well in.

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Mooncat said...

This shade is sooo beautiful.

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