Monday, 6 June 2011

Here Be Dragons

Going to try to finish swatching these Boots 17 mini polishes this week as I want to use the rather attractive box for things. We've got Boots 17 Fast Finish Moonstruck today, isn't that nice?

Boots 17 Fast Finish Moonstruck Swatch
Boots 17 Fast Finish Moonstruck. More peas, Norma?

I like this colour but at the same time hate it as it makes my fingers look grubby and a bit John Major Grey. Not good. Going to moan about application now, it was lumpy and fiddly and had to be done a couple of times as it just didn't want to go on nicely. The polish does dry very fast though, maybe that was the source of the lumpiness. Hmph.

Konaded some dragons over the polish and it was OK, a bit boring maybe, but adequate. Stamping plate used was HB-002 and stamping polish was the Konad Special Black polish, as the plate didn't care for my usual cheapo black polish.

Boots 17 Fast Finish Moonstruck and Chit-Chat Glitter and Plate HB002
Dragons and glitter and more glitter

I got bored and fidgety later on and added some random silver glitter polish over the grey-silver, then added some Saffron Colour 09 (pink and silver glitter) on the accent finger. Much better. Hurray for glitter \o/


Yasmin said...

I love the dragons and pink glitter! Sooo cute!

Unknown said...

Hooray for glitter, amen to that!

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