Saturday, 4 June 2011

Well, Hello There Sailor

I picked up some of the, quite frankly, gorgeous OPI Suedes recently and hadn't had a chance to wear them as I have too much polish. OPI Russian Navy Suede, a matte navy blue with a kick-arse silver shimmer, is my pick for the weekend.

OPI Russian Navy Suede Swatch. Fandabydosy

You can get away with one coat if you're tidy. I'm not and needed two coats to get the coverage nice and even. Yeah baby. Then it looked fab and I was all <3 with it.

I'd read some bits about the OPI Suedes chipping really easily, but I had no noticeable problems with this, which made a very pleasant change, but this did not stop me pre-emptively Konading it later on the day.

Messy stamping, it was hot and humid <excuse />

Used part of a full nail pattern from Bundle Monster plate BM-210 and some Superdrug MUA Shade 11 (silver). This silver isn't quite as in-yer-face as the Stargazer 232 Chrome silver and is very suitable for subtle stampings over dark colours.

MUA Shade 11. Konad Special Silver polish. FIGHT!

Forgot to include the MUA Shade 11 stamping test-me-do t'other day, so I'm doing it now. The stamping on the top of the nail is MUA Shade 11 (£1) and the stamping on the bottom of the nail is the Konad Special Silver polish (about £3.99). Not much difference between them at all except for the price - the Konad Special Silver polish just seems a bit more shimmery. Neither of the polishes really showed up against a light background so I've not bothered including those pics.

Finally, in other news, I have purchased a dress for the OWIHTWAD, aka the wedding.


Gulp. See, OWIHTWAD isn't nearly as scary.

But yeah, getting married on 8th July, have told my family so can go on about it now. Am excited yet UTTERLY TERRIFIED at the same time but it will be great as we're having the reception at the Sonisphere Festival down the road and our wedding bands will be Diamond Head, Slayer, Anthrax, Megadeth and Metallica. It had to be done, so if you're going you are invited to our reception \m/


Laura said...

Wow! I had no idea the OWYHTWAD was a WEDDING!!! Congratulations! I know your nails will look fab :)

NailNewbie said...

Aw congrats! Amazing reception!

I've been looking for a good silver stamping polish, will give this one a go x

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the wedding! :)

I love RN Suede on you, and that stamping is amazing! :)

By the way, do you know if there's any red and blue chrome polishes that are good for stamping?

Olivia said...

Just found your blog! It's good to find another UK blogger! I've been trying to find different polishes that would be good for stamping. You've given me lots to go and buy :)

Stompy Boot said...

Thank you missuseseses!

@Laura Dunno what I'm gonna do with them now, the dress has got one of those colourful pattern thingees on it :O

@NailNewbie Tis pretty good, though the Stargazer Silver chrome owns considerably.

@nailint Stargazer do a couple of blue chromes-I've tried 233 (a light blue) which is pretty good. Not seen any red chromes at all :(

@Olivia, cool, hope your bank balance doesn't hold it against me :)

Lot of Stargazer pimpage in this post.

Beautyshades said...

Thank you for the advice your blog is very cute :)

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