Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Coming Atcha Like Cleopatra

It's Pink Wednesday and I've not worn this Stargazer Chrome 234 yet, have I? OK ...

One coat of Stargazer Chrome 234 (pink)

This only took one coat to get right, which made a change. The polish was nicely metallic and rosy-pink (it's also bloomin' ace for stamping), however, it wasn't really my sorta pink and had to be covered with stuff.

Moondancerjen posted
about BIG fauxnad plates a while back and I just had to get plate B. It arrived a bit bent so I put things on it and jumped on it for a while and it was still bent. Fortunately most of the stampy-etchings worked fine, except the one that looks like a woman with a bucket on her head.

Before Scooter and the top-coat killed it :'(

This is one of the full-nail patterns of Big Image Plate B (it's also on Konad m78). Not a pattern I would have normally chosen but it worked really well with the pink metallic base, turned out a bit Minxy.

Managed to spoil this mani in record time with a top-coat stamping smearing incident, then took chunks out of it by listening to Scooter quite loudly. Not really sure how that happened.


Laura said...

I have no idea what that design is supposed to be but I am loving it.

Marta said...

The one time I tried this stamp it didn't look THIS GOOD. You make me want to try it again!

Missus Boot said...

@Laura I think part of the pattern incorporates Mick Jagger's tongue flipped upside down.

@Marta Aww, thanks missus :)

Unknown said...

I love that stamp image!

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