Saturday, 11 June 2011

Post Contains Crackle

Two more Boots 17 Mini polishes to go -- there are only nine polishes in the box but it has taken me yonks to go through them all. This one is Boots 17 Lasting Fix Royal Indigo.

Boots 17 Lasting Fix Royal Indigo Swatch
Boots 17 Lasting Fix Royal actually looks a bit lighter

The polish looks darker in the picture as the camera didn't like this colour at all. I liked it, though, it went on smoothly and only took a couple of coats - much preferring this Lasting Fix stuff over the Fast Finish.

Boots 17 Fast Finish Royal Indigo and W7 Earthquake Silver Crackle polish
Yes, this is pretty fine.

Decided to replace my usual Konad addiction with a nice bit of crack. le. Yeah, weak, sorry. Not really the biggest fan of crackle finishes (Mr Luton is nuts about them) but this one has grown on me over the days. It's W7 Earthquake Silver crackle polish and it's pretty sparkly. Seems a bit thirsty, taking a couple of coats of top-coat to get it all smooth and shiny, other than that it's champion stuff.


The Student's Guide To Nail Polish said...

Great colour combo! I may have to check out this 17 polish and I'm a die hard 17 not buyer so...we'll see.

Unknown said...

Pretty, Royal Indigo goes on my wishlist with Peacock and Mini Skirt...! My W7 silver shatter, well, shattered when I dropped it on the kitchen floor. Thank whoever's big in religion atm that it wasn't the OPI silver shatter...

Laura said...

i tried to resist the crack, but i think it gets everyone in the end.

Tilly said...

Yeah, it works. Like the colour combo too. All of the crackles I've used have had drinking problems. :)

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