Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Joan Collins' Shoulder Pads Were Amazing

I'm not sure about that apostrophe in the title, so I'll change it (thanks fer the apostrophe help, Tilly)

There, that looks better.

Anyway, getting into another colour-rut again and thought that a Pink Wednesday was in order. Collection 2000 35 Dynasty, a very cute pink, caught my eye and demanded my immediate attention. Okey dokey ...

I have a bit of a soft spot for Collection 2000 35 Dynasty.

It's an old bottle that I bought a couple of years back, which is why it's in a state. Formula had gone a bit goopy but this was quickly fixed with some thinner and it went on beautifully after that.

This polish made me feel like I should have been wearing pink fluffy slippers and pink feathers or something. It was weird so I stamped some skulls on it.

Skulls and proper girlie pinks own.

:3 Skulls came from plate HB-005 and I gave Barry M 66 Matt White a go as a stamping polish. It was nicely subtle over the pink, but I'm not sure it would be much cop over darker colours. I'll give that a go next time I need to procrastinate. Probably in about ten minutes :)


Lydia said...

I love how the skulls look over this girly polish!

Laura said...

I think those skulls were definitely necessary. I can just imagine someone saying, "Oh, what a lovely pink! And... oh... skulls..." then backing away slowly.

Tilly said...

That looks REALLY good, think it would be too much if the white was more vivid. (And you don't need the 's' after the apostrophe. Just "Joan Collins' Shoulder Pads..." Apparently you also don't need to leave two spaces after a full stop now either, but that's just CRAZY!

Stompy Boot said...

Thankee :)

@Lydia Skulls and girlie polish have always had a very special place in my heart.

@Laura It happened. Kind of. Someone was looking with an 'oooh that's nice' look and then their face suddenly turned all disapproving, it was ace :)

@Tilly Yay, thanks, always been particularly poor when it comes to apostrophes. And lazy with the spaces, we don't have to do two anymore? My old typing teacher will be doing her nut :D

Ishah @ Beauty Mamas said...

Ha, love it! You ungirlied the girliest of pinks and gave it an edge ;)

thalie said...

I love your offbeat post titles,and this mani is fairly cute!

Stompy Boot said...

Thanks peeps :)

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