Saturday, 25 June 2011

Hatful of Holo

I saw a post quite recently on Blingernails about the wonderful Spectraflair pigment and I had to have a go at it because it looked so gorgeous and colourful and blingtastic. In fact, Blingernails is currently having a giveaway and one of the prizes is some of the luvverly Spectraflair. Go enter!

I scored a gram of it from Custom Creation Paints and it turned up a couple of days later. Hurray. As I'd always fancied a good, black holo polish I made one out of some MUA Shade 2 (black)and some Spectraflair and called it Blimey Holographic.

Blimey Holographic Frankenpolish
One coat of franken Blimey Holographic

Dodgy photos today as there has been no sun, and my camera could only pick up the holo under certain lighting conditions, so had to make do with my melting desk-lamp. Have to say that the nails looked fantastic in Costa's yesterday, and I may have done a spot of finger-waggling with my large mocha. Such a poser.

Posing with me Blimey Holographic
Blimey Holographic in the Ferrari Pose

Some nice holo going on there. This is the bit where I'm unfortunately a bit unhelpful and say that I have no idea how much Spectraflair I put in, just added small amounts with a tiny scoop thingee then thought, "oh that looks OK, I'll put some on now". Didn't add a great amount as there is still LOADS left, really was maybe a bit stingy with it.

I had this bottle of silver Konad Special polish that wasn't all that, and spent it's life sitting in a box waiting to be used. It got the Spectraflair treatment and I attempted a Konad with the new holoed up polish and fauxnad Image Plate B (design is also on Konad plate m50). The holo didn't show up at all until it got some top-coat over it, then it looked pretty rainbowy. Finished it off with some dots of holo glitter (an ancient bottle of Boots 17 Party Animal) and was all blinged up for the weekend.

Blimey Holographic, Konad m50 or Image Plate B, Konad Special Spectraflair Silver Polish and Boots 17 Party Animal Holo Glitter
Holo base, holo Konad, holo glitter. Don't think I missed anything.

Blimey Holographic, Konad m50 or Image Plate B, Konad Special Spectraflair Silver Polish and Boots 17 Party Animal Holo Glitter drowned in light
Where's my holo gone?

I have yet to destroy this mani. Go me :)


Sarahlouise1986 said...

wow...just wow!

I love the final mani! its so awesome!


Blingernails said...

I think you have done an awesome job, and I love the konad tips, lovely mani :) and thanks for the link too!

Jennius - Gold Speck Nails said...

That is such a gorgeous combination!

Laura said...

Ooh, blingy. I like.

Lindsey R said...

So much holo goodness! Love this!

Kirsten Glitta Gloves said...

The title of this post makes me so incredibly happy and I am now humming the Smiths. I love this, so pretty! I really need to get my hands on some Spectraflair!

Missus Boot said...

Oh wow, thanks everyone :)

Sara ♥ said...

AMAZING! It looks brilliant =]

I also bought the pigment and have made loads of frankens... i'm just waiting for the sun to show up one day so I can photograph them all =]

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