Monday, 16 April 2012

EOTD: Hair Dye Gone Wrong (Sort Of)

Thought I would revist the 80s by bleaching the very life out of my hair (and the Crazy Colour Fire) and it went a bit wrong (sort of). It's not that it went completely wrong, per se, it just wasn't what I was anticipating -- I was hoping for a lovely, uniform blonde with no silly colours in, but it's now white blonde with pink and peach streaks. Observe.

Nails are utterly bolloxed.
I loves it, I do, sorta (still wearing a hat) and, as an added bonus, it gave me a chance to restart the ELF Challenge as I fancied eyes that matched the hair. Didn't have spreadsheet available, so no idea whether I've used these.

Applied the usual base of Two Faced Shadow Insurance, then slapped on some of the A3 (yellowy) over the lid. Some F5 (purpley brown) went over crease and outer eyelid, bit of E1 over the F5 up to the browbone, then some more A3 as a highlighter.

This photo is the wrong size and it's annoying me.
Colours look rubbish on the photo, but they were pretty well pigmented, good job there ELF.


polishloving said...

Blonde pink and peach = awesome in my book :)

Nail Designs xox said...

When did you buy this elf palette?

Also I think your hair looks pretty cool!

Missus Boot said...

Bought the ELF palette when it popped up on their site back in October-ish, but it's not on there at the moment :( ISTR someone saying that it's a seasonal palette that only pops up in the run-up to Christmas.

Thanx fer the hair comments :3

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