Saturday, 7 April 2012

My Creme Egg Was Stolen

And I was looking forward to that all day after a hard day's coding.


Anyway, I've had a chance to do somthing with my nails as they're in a right state and need colour and care and attention instead of the horrible, horrible treatment I've been giving them.

Started off with a base off Opi Ink Suede, then some Max Factor Fantasy Fire, then some NYX purple glitter stuff, more Fantasy Fire, more glitter, cup of tea then put a little decal of a butterfly and flower on. Top-coat on, bish-bosh, I am now going to kill the bastard who stole my Creme Egg with my pretty, pretty nails.


Beccy @ Two Days Slow said...

On the topic of chocolate, this looks just like the classic Dairy Milk purple

Stompy Boot said...

Well spotted -- it's an /exact/ match, having just compared it to a jar of Cadbury's Hot Chocolate.

Laura said...

They deserve it! Creme Eggs are heavenly, I'm sorry for your loss.

Stompy Boot said...

Thank you. I still mourn the loss of the Creme Egg, would go down lovely with a cup of tea right at this minute.

Jennius - Gold Speck Nails said...

Hahahah I love the bit at the end!

Love the nails & glad you're back =]

Stompy Boot said...

Ta muchly :) Creme Egg situation was rectified in the end, with TWO Creme Eggs (but I wanted a Galaxy).

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