Tuesday, 17 July 2012

EOTD: I Had A Girl's World

More from the ELF 100 Palette Challenge today, in glorious colour. Thought that I'd be a brave girl today, and really go for colours that I don't wear.

Blue is a colour that I haven't actually worn since the very early 80s when I had a Girl's World (good god, they still make them).

The Girl's World came with an horrible rouge and bright pale blue eyeshadow, and I remember slapping in on all over and feeling all grown up and Abba-like, but it looked awful, fucking awful. My mum may have laughed. I don't blame her.

Today's wonderful colours are all of the ELF palette and are:
  • Blue (D7) - lovely bold blue
  • Green (C7) - good strong green
  • Orange (G8) - a face-slapping orange
  • Lighter Orange (G3) - weak orange squash
  • White (A0) - it's white
Blue (D7) went on over the outer eyelid, crease and outer lower lashline, green (C7) went on in the inner eyelid and inner lower lashline, and then I slapped a strong orange (G8) up to the brow bone, blended with some lighter orange (G3) and finished it off with some highlighter (A0). Base was Two Faced Shadow Insurance, nowt else.

Verdict: Well, hello there blue eyeshadow, I'm sorry I ignored you for 30-odd years. Actually, hello colour. Hubby liked it, which is always good as sometimes he comes home at looks at me a bit funny. Will be brave with blue in future.


Unknown said...

Oooh, I love elf eyeshadows especially the BIG pallets! So pigmented! Gorgeous eyeshadow!

Jazz x

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