Thursday, 11 August 2011

I Have Four Fingers

Found a Boots No 7 Gift Set recently, and have absolutely no idea where it came from :O It's got some nice colours in it, though. Here is Boots No 7 Milan posing on my fingernails.

Boots No 7 Swatch Boots No 7 Milan Swatch

Milan is a nice, foily pink -- not my usual colour but it's nice too look at. Went on well and only took two coats for full opacity. Posing with four fingers today as I managed to stab my index finger with some very sharp scissors and it doesn't look very nice. Fingers are well on the piss in the pic.

Boots No 7 Milan and Konad plate m73 This pattern on m73 covered up all my little mistakes, yay.

Haven't Konaded anything for ages, so I dug out Konad plate m73 and had a damn good stamping. Hurray.


Laura said...

Oh my goodness you have no relieved I am that you have four fingers. I was afraid you lost one in a freak accident or something. Though I still don't know if you have a thumb. Nice design, looks great on your fourth finger!

jaljen said...

This is superb. I have the Milan but can't do Konad. Pity...

AmyTeee said...

This is delicious. I really wanna try Konad. :D

Unknown said...

wow this is gorgeous and i love that stamp!

shel xx

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