Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Wings of the Sparklebeast

The sun came out the other day, which called for a bit of Kleancolor Holo Chrome.

Kleancolor Holo Chrome Swatch Two coats of Kleancolor Holo Chrome

It smells of CHEMICALS but it went on smoothly and only needed a couple of coats for opacity. Felt a bit rough though, but that was quickly sorted out with some top coat. I love this polish, it's well sparkly when the sun comes out. Full marks for blingtasticness.

Kleancolor Holor Chrome and BM208 Like the wings of a sparklebeast

The mega-sparkle got a bit distracting after a few days so I went over it with some black Konading, using BM208 and some MUA Shade 2 (black). Good stuff.


Yasmin said...

I love the stamping!

Jossie said...

Luv it!!!!!!!!!!

Audrey- The Nail Affair said...

Ah so much pretty sparkle! This colour is beautiful:) Love the stamping over it:)

Krissy said...

Beautiful!!! I love the purple. The stamping is such an awesome addition to it :)

Alice Pictoria said...

ADORE this! The stamping is lovely. Incredible job.

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