Thursday 31 July 2014

Oh hai!

So I'm definitely not updating this blog anymore, which is a bit of a bummer as I not long redesigned it before abandoning it :( But I am updating this blog here -- it has nail polish, as well as things other that aren't nail polish, like SHINY THINGS! GUITARS! GAMING! LIPPIE! STUFF! Give it a follow if you fancy some of that sort of thing.

Tuesday 17 July 2012

EOTD: I Had A Girl's World

More from the ELF 100 Palette Challenge today, in glorious colour. Thought that I'd be a brave girl today, and really go for colours that I don't wear.

Blue is a colour that I haven't actually worn since the very early 80s when I had a Girl's World (good god, they still make them).

The Girl's World came with an horrible rouge and bright pale blue eyeshadow, and I remember slapping in on all over and feeling all grown up and Abba-like, but it looked awful, fucking awful. My mum may have laughed. I don't blame her.

Today's wonderful colours are all of the ELF palette and are:
  • Blue (D7) - lovely bold blue
  • Green (C7) - good strong green
  • Orange (G8) - a face-slapping orange
  • Lighter Orange (G3) - weak orange squash
  • White (A0) - it's white
Blue (D7) went on over the outer eyelid, crease and outer lower lashline, green (C7) went on in the inner eyelid and inner lower lashline, and then I slapped a strong orange (G8) up to the brow bone, blended with some lighter orange (G3) and finished it off with some highlighter (A0). Base was Two Faced Shadow Insurance, nowt else.

Verdict: Well, hello there blue eyeshadow, I'm sorry I ignored you for 30-odd years. Actually, hello colour. Hubby liked it, which is always good as sometimes he comes home at looks at me a bit funny. Will be brave with blue in future.

Saturday 7 July 2012

NOTD: Chromatic Death

Acquired a bottle of Nfu.Oh 053 some time last year, didn't like it at all for some reason, and it was shoved in a drawer, unworn and unloved, cruelly rejected.  

It quickly settled into the sad polish drawer and made friends with many polishes, it's best mate being China Glaze Blue Sparrow - a glittery matte blue polish. They hung out together, looking awesome with their bold, glittery blues and rainbow flakies, and plotted a daring escape from the sad polish drawer.

Not really. I just got them out of a drawer and put on two coats of Blue Sparrow and one coat of 053 whilst watching Question Time.
Plugs of the Day would have been these Chromatic Death Special Bob Diamond Editions in Barclays Blue, as they went perfectly with the nails. If only they were my plugs. 

But they're not, they're were made for a mate who doesn't want his hairy ears in a nail polish blog, so shall have to make do with the Instgram plugpose pic.

Wednesday 4 July 2012

Plug Giveaway

No, not spark plugs or those handy little electricity interface devices that go in the wall -- plugs for those of you who like wearing big things in your ears.

Anyway, our little custom plug company is having a little giveaway where you can win a pair of plugs from our range from size 3mm up to 30mm. 

Here's a linky, good luck :)

Monday 2 July 2012

EOTD: Miami Sound Machine Song IN MY HEAD

Doctor Beat. In head. For five days. Doing my nut in.

This is due to the Madd Style Dirty Beats eyeshadow that I wore several days ago. It was cute to begin with, "oh, this eyeshadow has put an annoying song in my head, it'll go away soon" but it hasn't. I've even tried my mate's German Industrial music trick but that didn't work.

Am now going to deploy the eyeshadow that caused it, and fight fire with fire sort of thing:
  • Madd Style Dirty Beats - Warm, chocoyummy brown. 
  • Fyrinnae Pumpkinfire - Black with glittery sparks of orange. 

Dirty Beats on two thirds of lid and outer lower lashline, Pumpkinfire on outer third of lid and crease. Some random orangey shade went on upto the brow bone and it was all finished off with highlighter, eyeliner and mascara. 

Swatch up right shows off colours and sparkle -- Dirty Beats on left, Pumpkinfire in middle and the random orangey shade on the right.

It looked fab and all that, but sadly the chorus of Doctor Beat remains in my head, like some horrible form of repetitive torture. Might have to dig out the twee 80s Bee Gees songs.